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North Korean Legal Haircuts

Posted on 09 October, 2017
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caramelangsingkanbadandengancepat.com -North Korean Legal Haircuts ... Hair-dos and hair-don'ts: North Korea issues menu of 28 approved haircuts. North Korea’s leader has told his people that these 28 hairstyles are the only ones they are allowed to choose from. Men can pick from 10 variations on the short back and sides. But the despot Teddy Boy look adopted by their supreme leader is not on the list. Older men in the state can grow their barnets to three inches long.

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North Korean Legal Haircuts s 28 state-approved hairstyles .... These Are North Korea’s 28 State-Approved Hairstyles. Men are prohibited from growing their hair longer than 5 cm — less than 2 inches — while older men can get away with up to 7 cm (3 inches). Oddly enough, the list falls short of including its young leader Kim Jong Un’s current look — a variation on the high-and-tight that may be too much of a power ‘do for North Korea’s non-elite.

North korea’s barmy list of 15 state-approved hairstyles .... North Korea’s barmy list of 15 state-approved hairstyles for men and women. NORTH Koreans have just 15 styles to choose from when getting their hair cut, it has been claimed. Men and women in the hermit state have reportedly been given an illustrated guide of “approved” hairstyles which have been deemed acceptable by tyrant leader Kim Jong-un.

The 30 haircuts legal in north korea and other not-so-fun .... The 30 haircuts legal in North Korea and other not-so-fun facts about the tiny nation. Less than three percent of the roads in North Korea are paved. According to the Business Insider, the country has 25,554km of roads, but only 724km are sealed off. But we wouldn't go complaining about the potholes, though.

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